ComScore Revises Winter Games Data, NBC Is Biggest Loser

ComScore has revised Olympics traffic numbers for the Feb. 15 to 21 week due to “data processing issues,” SportsBusiness Daily reported this morning. The revisions didn’t represent good news for The site’s unique visitors fell dramatically from 9.8 million to 7.9 million, while Yahoo dropped slightly from 18.2 million to 18.1 million.’s 706 million page views for the week took an even worse nosedive in comScore’s revised metrics, as the new statistic came in at only 142.9 million. Yahoo’s 103 million page views in the prior report went nearly unchanged at 102.8 million.

yahoo.march.1.jpg The Reston, VA-based research firm apparently did not revise numbers for time spent on the sites for that same week. The 127.7 million minutes during the week for and 111.8 million for had damaged NBC’s “stickiness” argument, according to SportsBusiness Daily, that while Yahoo attracted larger Olympic audiences, NBC’s online viewers stayed longer.

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