Consumers Prefer to Do Business With Social Brands

A new study by social curation firm Mass Relevance has found that 59 percent of consumers are more likely to trust brands that integrate with social media.

Another 60 percent of those surveyed reported that they are more likely to share a brand’s message if the brand has integrated social media into their digital properties. Almost two-thirds of respondents also reported that they have made purchases based on social media content.

“This study proves that people want to engage with a ‘social brand’ and shows how brands can begin to build social experiences that drive interaction and sales,” said Sam Decker, founder and chief executive of Mass Relevance.

“Through the case studies and data shared in this report, we can see how brands are integrating social experiences into their owned media assets to connect with customers in an entirely new, interactive and engaging way.”

According to the study, 56 percent of those surveyed said they were more likely to encourage friends to try a product from a company that integrated social media into their digital properties.

Another 75 percent of those surveyed said they are already talking about brands on social media channels. In the 18-34 ages demographic, that number goes up to 91 percent, according to Mass Relevance’s study.

Almost 46 percent of consumers who responded to the survey said that they prefer to do business with companies that use social media. In the 18-34 ages demographic that number jumps to 67 percent.

Mass Relevance also found that 63 percent of respondents were more likely to buy new products and try new services if they had read positive social media comments about them.

The study’s figures come from Mass Relevance’s “Why Audiences Hunger for Social Integration” study. Mass Relevance is a social curation and integration company based in Austin, TX. The company has worked with firms like Samsung, Ford, Cisco, and Target.

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