Cookie Crumbs

JupiterResearch released a report about cookies. It focused primarily on third-party cookies; migration to first-party cookies and how anti-spyware firms handle cookies. What’s not there is how first-party cookies are handled from a consumer and anti-spyware standpoint.

As long as there are third-party cookies in use–and to the extent these cookies are seen as spyware targets–research firms can justifiably conduct research and alarm the industry. However, the next logical step should be a look at first-party cookies.

Will anti-spyware firms heavily-target first-party cookies if there’s no more third-party cookies to populate the found-threats list on an anti-spyware sweep? Will bad actors find a way to use first-party cookies and justify action from anti-spyware firms?

Here’s to the next wave of research and reaction on the cookie front.

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