Coravue CMS for E-Mail

Coravue CMS for E-Mail offers the following features: opt-in subscribing, user profiling, list management, content formatting, newsletter production, campaign production, rules-based targeting, one-to-one personalization, surveys and questionnaires, response tracking, real-time reporting, and database integration. Below are a few highlights.

Opt-In Subscribing

  • Custom subscription form integrates with existing Web site’s look and feel.

  • Unsubscribes are handled via Web form, one-click link, or email.
  • Welcome messages are automatically sent.
  • Automated profile lookup allows subscribers to see and modify profile.

Newsletter Production

  • Target audience by selecting from your library of filter rules.
  • Enter a complete newsletter in a final format.
  • Enter content elements and let the system automatically create click-through tracking links.
  • Select personalization rule for each content element to tailor the content based on profile data.
  • Schedule delivery date and time.
  • Create searchable Web archive of past issues.

Real-Time Reporting

  • Real-time reports provide instantaneous results.
  • You get click-through number and rate and delivery statistics (delivered, undelivered, bounced, opened)
  • We correlate profile data to click-through actions.
  • Emailed reporting automatically delivers scheduled reports.
  • Flexible report generator creates custom tabulations.

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