Could Lose Site Traffic Soon?

The folks feeding just might starve the site come tomorrow. According to an AP story, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News editorial staff could go on strike tomorrow, in which case, they’ll be serving the city of brotherly love through their own site, And yes, they will run ads there.

philly.gif is part of McClathy’s RealCities ad network.

If this thing actually plays out, what will this mean for advertisers? How long will it take for people to go where the fresh local news is, leaving’s traffic to dwindle? Maybe stringer scabs will come in to assist the Philly papers.

Anyway, I’m curious to see what happens and how much traffic goes to the new site if it goes live. And even if it isn’t there to serve the union’s purposes, it could have a future for another related project, or citizen journalism, perhaps….

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