Could U.S. Military Get a Google Grant?

I just got off the phone with someone representing the newly-launched Real Warriors effort, an initiative intended “to promote the processes of building resilience, facilitating recovery and supporting reintegration of returning service members, veterans and their families.” It’s a creation of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE), apparently a division of the U.S. Defense Department. Essentially, the campaign is a Web site providing information for active duty, families, and vets. There’s info on signs of stress, things to do before deployment, and treatment of psychological problems associated with military duty.

The contact there told me essentially there’s no ad budget for the campaign. The site is pretty much it. But the fact is it could help a lot more people if there was a search ad campaign promoting it, or if display ads were running on health/medical sites catering to people in the military.

The U.S. government invariably runs the most online display ads in the government vertical, according to several reports I’ve seen from Nielsen Online over the years. But I’ve always understood those to be PSAs. Couldn’t this campaign qualify for free ad space? What about a Google Grant?

Just thought I’d ask aloud since it seems like a good non-partisan cause.

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