Creative Enhancements in Atlas Rich Media Upgrade

AQuantive’s Atlas is today expected to launch a new version of its rich media platform that’s friendlier to creative agencies.

Atlas Rich Media 2.0 creates a “dedicated portal” creative types can use to upload Flash files for the creation and testing of ads directly within the system. They can also create demos and transmit completed ads to their media counterparts for trafficking.

“The way we launched Atlas Rich Media was concentrated on the media planners and media agencies,” said Saar Safra, director of rich media for Atlas. “As we launched it, we noticed we’re not giving as much love to the creative agencies. They didn’t have enough tools to really make it scalable and cost effective.”

The rich media product also newly incorporates the company’s customer targeting engine, which lets advertisers serve ads based on a user’s browsing behaviors or demographic variables. They can also use it to conduct limited test campaigns.

Atlas Rich Media 2.0 has been in testing for a couple months. Its primary formats include expanding, floating, streaming video and custom ads.

Agencies have increasingly relied on rich media vendors to provide technical and production support for their campaigns.

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