Crispin Porter + Bogusky Pairs With Bonnier for New Tablet Ad Formats

Publisher Bonnier Corp. is partnering with agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky to develop a new range of ad formats for magazines on tablet devices. The pair hopes to make better use of the opportunities afforded by the new generation of devices, and to attract greater interest from marketers as a result.

Speaking with ClickZ News, Winston Binch, partner and managing director at CP+B, said the companies intend to formulate creative frameworks that will enable advertisers to easily implement campaigns in magazine applications on devices such as Apple’s iPad.

“The advancements with tablet devices have enabled publishers to re-imagine the format of the traditional magazine, but the advertising is really lagging behind,” he said, referencing instances where existing print creative is simply migrated to tablet applications with little or no additional functionality added. “We’ll be working to develop some best-in-class creative executions that can inspire advertisers…. A lot of ads at present are not making use of the tablet’s full functionalities,” he added.

According to Binch, a number of hurdles currently limit advertisers’ ability or willingness to invest in ads in tablet-oriented publisher content, including a lack of standardization and limited understanding around how users interact with the devices.

“Digital publishing on tablets is still in its infancy, and it’s hard for advertisers to get a feel of when its time for them to start investing,” he said, suggesting more could be done to help advertisers understand the existing and emerging opportunities around the devices.

To help address some of these issues Binch said CP+B intends to extensively research the most effective ways to reach users when they’re consuming these new forms of content, stating, “We’ve seen a lot of technically creative ideas, but no one is really sitting back and thinking about what the opportunities are around this new consumer behavior, and how people are, or want to, consume content on these devices.”

Binch said his company is looking forward to flexing its creative muscles with these new devices, but for Bonnier the relationship is all about getting ahead of the curve. As publishers and users continue to shift their attentions to mobile and tablet devices, the company hopes to present its advertisers with compelling opportunities in the arena, rather than simple print ad migrations.

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