Critical Path

Critical Path (CP) offers SMS Access Services, Messaging Services, and Identity Management Services for email and messaging needs.

Access Services

The CP SMS Access Server provides a network-independent, feature-rich gateway between the short message service (SMS) world and the Internet mail protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). The SMS Access Server receives SMTP mail messages and converts them to SMS messages. It also supports SMPP 3.4 and UCP 3.5 and enables notifications to and from the CP Messaging Server, as well as access to the CP Messaging Server’s Personal Address Book. A unique dispatcher module provides connectivity to the major SMSC vendors for a high degree of flexibility. For even greater functionality, the CP SMS Access Server allows users to read and reply to email via the Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP4).

Messaging Services

At the core of the Critical Path Communication Platform, the Messaging Services layer enables service providers and corporations to deliver a breadth of integrated communication solutions, from basic email and calendaring to secure messaging, personal address books, and multimedia file storage. Service providers can deploy value-added services to increase revenue and reduce churn. Likewise, corporations can increase productivity and minimize the cost of providing messaging and collaboration to a growing number of users.

Identity Management Services

The Identity Management Services layer streamlines user profile management, ensures secure access to services and information, and enables customization of services at the user level.

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