Crossing the Rubicon… Into Beta

rubicon.JPGRubicon Project, a publisher-side ad management platform, opened its invitational beta today granted to the first 500 publishers to sign up. According to company founder Frank Addante, the Rubicon Project addresses two trends: a lack of advertising technology available for Web sites, and rapid growth of ad networks. The system lets publishers optimize their inventory across the 300-plus ad networks, which continues to grow as specialized ad networks form.

“Tap into one of these networks, and you’re not reaching the full, available market,” said Addante. He also said media buyers spend across multiple networks. The interface used by publishers allows for a site to adjust inventory allotments across all ad networks, and shows real-time statistics on each ad network.

Addante has founded five companies, including L90/adMonitor which was eventually acquired by DoubleClick. The founder reunited with key members of his original team to form The Rubicon Project.

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