Cult TV Show Gets New Life Online

Arrested Development MSN Video has scored a content coup, snagging rights to the entire three seasons of “Arrested Development,” the critically acclaimed series that was canceled for not being mainstream enough for Fox TV, despite its cult following. The first five episodes were made available on MSN Video this week, and three new episodes will be added every three weeks until the entire 53-episode run is online by the end of next year.

Like other MSN Video content, “Arrested Development” will be divided into 5 scenes per episode, and ads will be shown before the episode begins and in between each scene.
MSN will augment the episodes with deleted scenes, blooper reels, and related DVD content. It will also build interactive features like message boards, fan areas, and other community areas around the show.

With the launch comes MSN’s debut of a new video player with features specifically for long-form video, including several options to return to the last point in the clip that was viewed before an interruption, a 15-second quick rewind function, and a “sit back” mode for viewing content on large screens, like a TV.

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