Cupid Shooting Targeted Popcorn?

Popcorn.jpgI had an interesting talk recently with Allan Levy, CEO of SilverCarrot, about a new customer campaign his company is running for Dale and Thomas Gourmet Popcorn targeted around Valentines Day. SilverCarrot runs an adnetwork and several services targeted at the 25 to 50 year old women’s demographic, the most successful of which is its Recipe4Living online community and mailing list, and now it’s working with Dale and Thomas to send out a targeted email campaign to SilverCarrot’s customers revolving around the February holiday.

Not with offers of roses and diamonds, as those messages should go to the fellas who are probably reading something else, but to try and get women to buy gifts for their men. And what does any guy want on Valentines Day? Popcorn, clearly.

“There’s one key element that we believe will give us a legs up on Valentines Day, the number one item sold for Valentines Day is flowers. But that’s meant to be given to women. So marketers with a mailing list of both men and women are mailing the flower offers to all the men, but the women are given nothing specific. So we are targeting Dale and Thomas to target the women to give popcorn,” he said. “They saw a boost in their pre-valentine day sales last year, and they do see a bit of a boost each holiday, and they haven’t marketed into the holiday.”

It is Dale and Thomas’ first foray into email and banner marketing, and they are doing so with SilverCarrot to reach their very specific audience, both of which show they seem to be taking the right steps, and I applaud them for doing so.

Even so, I’ve already informed the lady in my life that if she really wants to thank me for the flowers I’ll get her for Valentines; it should probably be a nice steak dinner and some beer.

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