Customization Leads to E-Commerce

Research done in the UK found that Web users who configure, personalize or register on Web sites are more than twice as likely to buy online than those that do not.

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The research was done by Fletcher Research, which found that 68 percent of Web users that personalized a site had made a purchase online, compared to 28 percent that had not used personalization features.

Similar results were found for visitors to sites that had registration options. Half of the users that registered on a site had made an online purchase, compared to 19 percent that did not.

Only 8 percent of the 300 UK Web sites in Fletcher’s survey offered personalization options to configure the site. Less than one-quarter of the sites in the survey offer registration, Fletcher found, and only 9 percent make it mandatory.

More than half (56 percent) of the Web users surveyed by Fletcher reported registering at a site, and only 25 percent told Fletcher they had never used personalization features.

Fletcher also reports that 65 percent of active UK Web users are male. Their average age is 33, and 77 percent of them use a computer on a daily basis. UK Web users make up 10 percent of the nation’s adult population. They are also more likely to use a cellular phone and have a higher average income than non-Web users in the UK.

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