DaimlerChrysler Gears Up for Auto Show

DaimlerChrysler is revving up an online complement to its presence at the Detroit, Chicago and New York auto shows this season. Agency Organic has created three hub sites for auto enthusiasts showcasing the Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep brands.

Each site will aggregate news and images from the auto manufacturers; from media sites and from automotive-focused blogs. Additional content includes blogs authored by the auto show portal team and photo sets posted and tagged on Flickr.com.

“We can put the news, press releases, photos and vehicle reveals into one process,” Organic’s Director of Engineering, John Manoogian, told ClickZ News. “We’ve created a dynamic doorway into the auto show.”

Site visitors can subscribe to a menu of RSS feeds including feeds for the entire site or specific channels.

“In the past the pages were updated but there was not a specific way to subscribe,”said Manoogian. “We RSS-ified the news pages.”

Sam Cannon, creative director at Organic, added that,”RSS is a part of a communications strategy as a channel and as part of a larger communication strategy with customers.”

DaimlerChrysler hopes people will visit the sites but doesn’t plan any advertising to promote them. “We’re going to take advantage of the natural traffic that comes to the site at this time of year,” said Cannon.

Because the sites will link to outside blogs and news sites, Organic hopes bloggers will reciprocate. “As we’re pointing to a lot of blogs and news sites we may see some linking back to our site,” said Cannon. “That’s typical but we’re not expecting that.”

Organic’s auto show-focused efforts for DaimlerChrysler campaign reach further than the Web. A mobile element — promoted with signage at the show – will allow auto show visitors to dial-in for audio that will walk visitors through a car’s features. The mobile promotion will also be used for car shoppers at dealerships. Users can also download audio descriptions of features to their MP3 players.

Another auto show tie in is a “behind the wheel” section online. The automaker will film drivers on an all-terrain trail at the show, then upload that video to the site. “It’s a great spontaneous moment that you can’t capture any other way,” said Cannon. “There’s an absolute look of glee on their faces when they go over their first rock or have their first off-road experience.”

If Organic and DaimlerChrysler deem the portal strategy successful, it will continue the RSS feeds and sites for the whole auto show season.

“I’m hopeful that we’ll find this is sustainable,” said Cannon.

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