Danone Baby Nutrition: Using SoLoMo to Target Middle-Class Indonesians

Sari Husada, a leading baby nutrition brand in Indonesia and subsidiary of French multinational Danone, is not only active on Facebook and Twitter but increasingly on mobile and local channels. 

For example, the company manages three Facebook pages to promote Lactamil Mama Care, Vitalac Indonesia, and Aku Anak SGM, which have close to 300,000 fans combined. It’s also using social, local, and mobile (SoLoMo) to reach out to middle-class Indonesians scattered across the country’s 17,000 islands.

In this Q&A, Rini Haerinnisya Ramadhani, connection and digital acceleration manager for Danone Early Life Nutrition Indonesia, gives ClickZ a preview of how her team integrates digital into its marketing communications as well as her perspective on using SoLoMo to provide a better experience for consumers.


Excerpts of the interview below:

ClickZ: How does Danone Nutrition engage consumers in Indonesia?

Rini Haerinnisya Ramadhani: I’ll speak on behalf of Sari Husada, a subsidiary of Danone’s early life nutrition in Indonesia, where we target mainly middle-class Indonesians.

We focus on various social media platforms. Facebook in general, Twitter for more targeted segments, and also the Web for people to easily search for our brand.

Targeting the middle class in Indonesia means we need to integrate every relevant communication asset that we have. Although massive reach doesn’t always mean reaching targeted consumers effectively, it’s essential to drive digital penetration in Indonesia.

Our role is to synergize with other touchpoints from TV ads, in-store point-of-sale, events, and even packaging to communicate our digital assets to reach more people and collaborate with our digital activities to provide education and interaction with consumers.

CZ: How does Danone Indonesia walk the talk for SoLoMo?

RR: Understanding our consumers requires an understanding of what they need, what they like, and how we can engage with them. This means we need to be responsive, personal, and measure revenue performance management (RPM).

For example, at Sari Husada we use SoLoMo as part of our customer relationship management (CRM) capability to create a responsive and personal connection.

Our care lines responsible for social media engagement were awarded gold for best operations by the Indonesian Contact Center Awards in 2013 and were also nominated as the most socially devoted CPG brands in the market. So I consider this “walking the talk” in social.

Currently, we use both mobile and location to support on the ground activity and sales promotion such as limiting certain offers to drive traffic to an event or stores.

In the future, what would be interesting is to integrate SoLoMo to provide a better brand experience for our consumers.

CZ: What are some emerging digital trends you’re exploring?

RR: We’re all moving toward mobile and that’s inevitable, including Danone. But using mobile marketing to target the middle class is quite tricky because it means we need to explore the possibility of using a feature phone to deliver a digital message.

For social marketing, we’re exploring how to create conversation and interaction among our brand believers and to nurture our own crowdsourcing education services facilitated by our expertise in nutrition and motherhood that has more than 60 years of experience.


Search will always be the basic hygiene factor that we need to have a presence in.

With Indonesia’s geographical situation (our country has 17,000 islands) and listening to the fact that there are more people in other islands that crave access to our products, I would say being location-relevant would give us better efficiency in terms of communication and distribution.

Rini Haerinnisya Ramadhani, connection and digital acceleration manager for Danone Baby Nutrition Indonesia, will join a panel discussion on SoLoMo for fully integrated marketing communications at SES Jakarta on March 19.

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