Data, Data, Data: January 27-29 – Editorial Schedule Revealed

Join us next week (January 27-29, 2015) as we put data-driven marketing under the spotlight for the first of our new Content Takeover Series.

Here is what you can learn from and engage with over the course of the Content Takeover:

  • Exclusive Q&A with Jason Kodish, global chief data scientist at Digitas
  • Exclusive Q&A with Jack Krawczyk, director of product management at Pandora
  • Webinar: “Cut Through the Big Data Noise to Capture Analytics” with Marketo, TD Bank, and National Geographic – Register Here
  • Spotlights on How Big Brands Are Using Their Customer Data: Hear from Kraft and Nike.
  • Case Study: ClickZ is reviewing its own data profile – Relative Insight analyzes our Twitter feed
  • Case Study:: An IAB study discusses tech vendors and operational data
  • Contributed Articles from our sponsors Alexa and Marketo

 Also look for in-depth articles exploring these key data-driven marketing topics:

  • Big Data and the CMO/CIO – By 2018 it is predicted that the CMO will spend more money on technology and the application of big data than the CIO. How will this change the face of CMO leadership?
  • Marketing Data Standards and Regulation – Does the industry have what it needs? Who will broker it? Will there be standards for it so it can be consumed easily?
  • Internet of Things and Data – What will it take to use information generated by things like smart-home devices/medical devices? Is it possible or desirable to use this in marketing?
  • Wearables – While currently marketing on wearables may seem odd, it seems likely that it will happen. What are the challenges and opportunities and how will advertising have to adapt to the ‘wearing’ phenomenom?
  • Data Privacy – With wearables, the Internet of Things, and connected devices, there is more data than ever before. Does this mean the death of privacy for the consumer? How private will information be as devices become increasingly connected?
  • Navigating the Complex World of Big Data – What are big brands/agencies doing in terms of measuring/segmenting data? What are the best practices?
  • Brand/Agencies and Data – Is data changing the relationship between agencies and brands?
  • Programmatic and Data – How is the wealth of data changing programmatic buying and real-time marketing?
  • Beacons and Big Data – Can beacons change the face of retail and the customer buying journey?
  • Music and Data – What is the future of music and marketing in light of recent partnerships such as Mood Media and Shazam?

Please take the time to register for our Webinar “Cut Through the Big Data Noise to Capture Analytics” on Thursday, January 29, 2015, at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. Detailed content and speaker profiles are available at the above link.

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