Datran Gets Its Affiliate Network in Order with New Tool

Datran.jpgDatran Media, through its NetMargin division, is now applying a newly developed tool called BrandShield, as an email compliance dashboard and enforcement tool, onto its affiliate marketing platform.

The idea is that Brandshield will allow advertisers, publishers and list owners to monitor and manage compliance across its affiliate network to assure privacy and CAN-SPAM compliance. The system uses compliance systems from UnsubCentral and reputation monitoring services from LashBack across NetMargin’s network.

“We analyze every e-mail that goes out. We check for links. For subject line truthfulness… in an automated fashion,” said Quinn Jalli, chief privacy officer for Datran Media. “To make sure that people aren’t using them in an inappropriate fashion.”

Jalli told me that with the Federal Trade Commission taking an increasingly harder look at affiliate networks, Datran is keen to have its ducks in a row and make certain they are in full compliance with the law. Datran has already had legal run-ins with the government, and ended up paying a $1.1 million settlement with the New York Attorney General’s office regarding privacy violations.

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