Decker on DoubleClick: Very Old

yahoo_goodlogo.gifDuring today’s Yahoo Shareholders meeting, Yahoo Prez Sue Decker called DoubleClick “a very old technology” – an obvious jab at Google’s choice to buy the firm. Her aim was to differentiate the ad management platform Yahoo is developing from that of DoubleClick, an industry leader.

Rather than buying DoubleClick (she hinted Yahoo did consider that), she continued, “It was our conclusion that to build a Web-based open solution…was the best approach.”

Decker also said something I’ve never heard actually verbalized regarding the newspaper consortium, though I’ve followed that particular project pretty closely. Noting many of its newspaper publisher partners use DoubleClick to manage ads, she said many of them “agreed to pull out” of their existing ad management platforms eventually and use Yahoo’s, which is still in the early test stages.

It’s been clear this is Yahoo’s mission – to eventually manage ads for these partners and others publishers – but I think this is the first I’ve noticed it actually said straight out.

Let me know if I’m wrong….

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