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Thanks for choosing to read this article! You might be happy to know that over 78 percent of the people who read this headline will have made the same choice as you. How do I know that? It’s simple “marketing magic.”

Marketing magic can only happen when the science of psychology converges with the art of marketing as a part of your outreach and messaging efforts. Often, at times, times we forget the basic rules of the human thought process. We try to be too cute in our marketing efforts. We try to be too funny, or push a proposition out of fear or desperation for sales. It’s at those times we need to be reminded to sit back, take a deep breath and let marketing magic take over. If we do, we can never lose.

The rules of marketing magic:

1. Never give a consumer more than 3 options.

This causes paralysis of choice. Too few options appears to demanding and pushy and people feel trapped. Too many options causes anxiety among people. Three is the perfect number.

2. Always put the choice you want the consumer to choose in the middle.

I know it can seem counter intuitive, but remember, the magic here is to let the consumer feel like they are the person choosing for themselves. Give them 3 options: a crazy-out-there option, the option you want them to choice, and a low-end option. It works every time.

3. Sell by emotion, not evaluation.

Emotion sells, but, not the type of emotions you might be thinking of. A few years ago a Betty Crocker ad saw a 20 percent higher “purchase intent” when the fork in the photo was placed on the right over the left, simply because, emotionally, it made sense. Most people eat with their right hands. If your brain can immediately connect with an image, and feel comfortable with it, you have a better chance of selling your product.

4. Go ahead – give it away

FREE drives purchase. Think about it. When someone gives you something, or does something nice for you in your personal life, you want to reciprocate. It’s no different in marketing. A free trial, free sample or free demo often tugs on peoples heart strings. They feel obligated to buy something from you in return for your kindness. Use this magic trick wisely!

5. Capitalize on the tendency to follow the crowd

82 percent of other ClickZ readers shared this on social- will you? Of course you will. Why? Because you want to be part of the crowd. And that is the 5th marketing magic trick. Create the appearance that the rest of the world is doing it, and your momentum will go through the roof.

Marketing magic is truly magic. Leveraging key principals of science can often turn into high margin dollars and strong ROI. But use this magic wisely my friend. You don’t want to have your tricks exposed.

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