Diet Coke’s New Campaign Taps Social Media to Amplify Its Message

Diet Coke’s new omnichannel “Get a Taste” campaign aims to bring more enjoyment to life’s mundane moments – like air travel – by asking the question, “What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?” The integrated initiative will look to digital video, print, radio, and out-of-home advertising, as well as and its social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to engage consumers. 

Diet Coke will further involve fans by teaming up with Spotify, BuzzFeed and Vine, though the brand doesn’t want to reveal too much about that part of the campaign just yet.

According to Peter Callaro, group director of integrated marketing content for Coca-Cola North America, social media is crucial to the campaign because it will amplify the message through the voice of the soft drink’s biggest fans in spaces where they express themselves.

On the Vine partnership, he says, “We want to encourage fans to own the story, and give us their interpretation and their spin on what if life was as refreshing and tasted as good as Diet Coke.”

The campaign’s first of three TV spots will debut tonight. In “Economy Class,” a woman cracks open a can, instantly turning the most wretched place in all of existence – an airplane – into a swanky party. 

Eric Wheeler, chief executive (CEO) of advertising technology company 33 Across, is unsure what kind of success the campaign will see on other channels, but thinks the commercial is engaging, edgy, and fun.

“There are only a couple of brands that can even attempt to do this, that have enough attitude and enough brand positioning to pull this off,” he says. He adds that Diet Coke does a great job appealing to its mostly female audience in a way that reminds him of Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign.

But Diet Coke is prepared to attempt a truly omnichannel experience. One way it plans to cross channels is by using the TV commercial’s footage on other platforms.

“We embedded a photographer into the filming of the commercial,” Callaro says. “While the spot was being filmed, he was taking shots of party-goers; we’ll have some fun with that content online.”

The brand will feature additional 15-second films on social media, highlighting Diet Coke’s taste. The Vine videos will debut in early October.

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