Digital Marketing Remainders for May 23, 2007

Joost has yet another content deal, with CAA, but it’s a little cryptic. The talent agency will support Joost’s “efforts to secure” new content.” I take it CAA expects to be sort of a social lubricant to getting these deals made. “CAA will provide Joost greater access to programming through our relationships with networks, studios, record labels, artists and independently-controlled content libraries,” said the agency’s bizdev head.

Who’s Posing as Delta on Twitter? We’ve all had an earful of “the user is in control,” but this sort of makes the cliché fresh again. Some twit has taken the Twitter user name Delta Air Lines and is micro-blogging in the voice of the company. They’re doing a pretty good job too, from what we hear.

Once a darling of online advertisers, PlanetOut seems to be in want of cash, according to separate reports in The San Francisco Chronicle and Barron’s. Really? What’s a body to think when a big site with an affluent demo can’t monetize its audience? To be fair, the reports outline several contributing factors, such as a decline in personal ads and the migration of profile data to MySpace. Anyway, looks like the company may seek a buyer.

CBS buys financial info site and video blog Wallstrip from Howard Lindzon. The site’s less than a year old, and the rumored price is $5 million. As big media competes harder for ever-younger Web content plays, is this the future of content acquisitions?

Apparently noticing this ad serving stuff’s sorta hot right now, Sapient will offer its own ad management tech as a standalone. Called BridgeTrack, the product offers reporting and optimization in multiple media channels, including e-mail, search and display.

Google adds Hotness to staid Trends report. You can now see a list of the 100 fastest-rising U.S. search queries. The Zeitgeist just got a little geistier. The resuts are just what you’d expect: everything to do with American Idol and the misbehavior of celebrity offspring.

Mobile game ad network Greystripe has imbibed an $8.9 million round led by Steamboat Ventures. Watch for other established mobile ad networks to make serious moves toward this space soon, which will drive up the cost of winning and keeping contracts with mobile game publishers.

Virgin Mobile USA will carry mobile search results and sponsored listings from JumpTap. The search capabilities will come in the form of a WAP-based search app, and enables local queries via a zip code or city and state.

Technorati redesigns to be less about blogs, more about multimedia and conversations. Peter Hirschberg spoke about the changes a bit at ClickZ’s Advertising in Social Media event this week. They’re now live on the site.

Search Engine Watch note Google’s recent purge of made-for-AdSense sites. Like Google’s recent ban on ads from essay-writing services, it’s another brave move from Google to take short term losses to keep a clean nose and elevate conversions and ad quality.

Gawker launches a new site for women, and it’s hitting big numbers out of the gate. Jezebel is focused on celebrity gossip, but early posts include some snarky health-related news, two descriptors only Gawker could combine.

Also in site launches targeted to women, is seeking to serve “12- 24-year-old women,” an age spread most marketers would consider to span two demographics. The site offers video channels on topics like health, beauty, travel, fashion, modeling, celebrity news and entertainment.

ICONIX, which offers an e-mail plug-in to visually authenticate incoming messages, is now compatible with Outlook 2003. That gives the company 60 percent reach in desktop e-mail and 80 percent reach in Webmail.

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