Digital Meets TV with Dr. Phil and DailyMail Partnership

Digital has changed viewers’ TV experiences by enabling easy interaction with favorite shows. In response to the transition, networks need to produce TV content in a new way, according to Dr. Phil McGraw, host of the daytime talk show Dr. Phil.

“With the explosion of the Internet, people are able to reach out and grab a piece of content that they want to watch. Their willingness to be passively fed on what news agencies want them to watch is greatly on the decline,” Dr. McGraw told ClickZ at Cannes.

In order to give modern audiences more control over TV content , Dr. McGraw is joining forces with on a syndicated show called DailyMail TV. The show will cover a wide range of topics, including breaking news, sports and entertainment. It will not only be aired live on broadcast television, but also run on

“The way people consume content has changed. We want to create a show that is unlike anything else on TV,” Dr. McGraw said. “DailyMail TV will be a groundbreaking disruptive television force.”

How has digital changed viewers’ TV experience? What are other details of DailyMail TV? How important is video for online publishers? Watch ClickZ‘s video interview with Dr. McGraw to hear what he had to say.

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