Display Ad Creation and Trafficking System Launches

logo_adready.gifA former Classmates.com online exec is launching his latest venture today. The new AdReady system, aimed at medium-size regional and larger local businesses, lets advertisers create standard sized display ads based on ad templates.

“These advertisers have basically found display to be a black box they really haven’t been able to access,” Rob Ransom, VP Marketing and Products at AdReady, told me.

They can alter the ads using licensed images, upload their own logos and images, or alter text such as car financing details or contact info. The system also gives advertisers without the benefit of having an agency a leg up by showing average click-through rates of template ads. So, they can base their own creations on ads with a proven track record.

“We’re marrying not only creating the ads, but also having the best ads to create… the best templates or best ads to choose from,” said ex-Classmates exec and AdReady CEO and co-founder Aaron Finn.

The company also enables media buying and ad trafficking through its system, which is connected to Google, Right Media and Advertising.com. Advertisers don’t pay to use the ad creation system, but are charged a percentage of the media buy.

So far, about 30 advertisers are using the system, including a local Toyota dealer, Alaska Airlines and ShareBuilder.

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