Display Ads from Jersey City Mayoral Candidate

ClickZ_Campaign08_katefinal.jpgI’ve gotta say I’m truly surprised to see display advertising from a Jersey City Mayoral Candidate. Dan Levin, a local businessman and civic activist (and lesser known candidate), is running display ads; I spotted one this morning on local news and discussion site Jersey City List. He’s also got a site. However, interestingly — and I’d venture to guess to his detriment since he has very little name recognition — the domain is not associated with his name. Rather, it’s OneJerseyCity.org.

Besides an RSS feed and e-mail sign up, there’s no social stuff happening on the site — no links to a Facebook page or sharing capabilities.

I’d been wondering whether the 2008 presidential elections would affect citywide elections like the one happening in my hometown, in terms of
political digital media and marketing. Last time around, the J.C. candidates did next to nothing online. I think one city council candidate had a bare bones Web site.

Well, I guess this is a start.


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