DMA Pushes for Anti-Spam Funding for FTC

Arguing that the volume of spam versus legitimate email continues to hamper consumer trust, The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has issued a plea to Congress. The association is calling for more funding of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) efforts to enforce the CAN-SPAM Act.

“We still think we need greater emphasis on enforcement to make this Act work,” said Jerry Cerasale, senior vice president of government affairs at the DMA. “We have spoken to the Federal Trade Commission [about boosting enforcement] and they say there are only so many resources that they have.”

So far, the organization has spoken with staff members of legislators on both the House and Senate commerce committees. It plans to step up those efforts in the coming weeks. The group intends to offer its viewpoint, as well as help in drafting proposed legislation.

Since the federal budget is tight, the DMA is suggesting that the FTC be allowed to keep the proceeds from civil judgments it collects against spammers. That money could then be used to fund further enforcement.

“That’s one way, without increasing appropriations, that that can happen,” said Cerasale.

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