DNC Pushes Obama Jobs Plan in Video Ads

The Democratic National Committee is pushing Barack Obama’s jobs plan with eye-catching online video ads, as the Obama campaign targets marriage equality voters on Facebook. Both efforts display the reelection campaign’s use of issue-themed ads online to build their supporter lists.

Expandable ads spotted on LATimes.com yesterday from the DNC lead to a website supporting President Obama’s job-creation plan, AmericanJobsAct.com. The ads include a video featuring an edited version of the speech he gave before Congress about the proposal earlier this month. They also list several bullet points that Democrats claim will result from the plan including “$1,500 more in your paycheck,” “creating jobs fixing roads and bridges,” and “keeping good teachers in classrooms.”

Among some political observers, the jobs proposal is seen as a campaign tool for the President. If Congress passes legislation based on his proposal, it would most likely be considered a win for his administration. Meanwhile, if Republicans shoot it down, as they are threatening to do, his campaign can argue that the GOP is yet again impeding progress on job creation at a dire time for unemployed Americans. Therefore, it behooves the Democratic Party to ensure voters are aware of the act and how it might benefit them – one reason behind the ads.


The ads serve a dual purpose, though. In addition to the persuasive video message and complementary bullet points, the ads drive supporters to a sign up form through a button that reads, “Tell Congress: Pass the plan.”

Republican digital ad consultant Peter Pasi credits the DNC on the video effort. “This is a very captivating, inspirational ad which combines the emotional pitch from the president – on the right video viewer – with talking points on the left. Even if your speakers are off, you get the facts,” continued Pasi, EVP of Emotive.

“Also, they’ve repurposed video which they obtained at no cost and edited it into a compelling short message. And they’ve created a special landing page aimed at list-building.”

The DNC is backing the expandable video units with a search campaign. A Google search for “Obama jobs” turns up an ad that declares, “Tell Congress: do your job and pass the Obama jobs plan. Act now.”

Neither the DNC nor the online ad firm handling ads for the DNC and Obama campaign responded to ClickZ’s interview requests about the jobs-related ads.

AmericanJobsAct.com, a DNC site, also features links to information showing the plan’s “impact on” ‘impact on” women, Latinos, veterans, African Americans, low income families, and “your state.”

Meanwhile, as the DNC backs the President’s job creation attempt, the Obama for America team is aiming ads at Facebook users with a message focused on an entirely different issue: marriage equality. “President Obama supports repealing the Defense of Marriage Act. Add your support now!” states a Facebook display ad currently running. The ad appears to be targeted to people who like left-leaning and liberal groups on Facebook, including gay rights related groups.

And, they, too, aim to persuade voters through an issue-based message as well as build the Obama camp’s supporter list. The ads link to a page on BarackObama.com that states, “The President has certified the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ – and gays and lesbians will now be able to serve openly in just 60 days.” However, the copy is stale – they will actually be able to serve openly on September 20.

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