Do You Have a Web 2.0 Budget?

Performic‘s VP Emerging Media Cam Balzer and I were chatting at an Advertising Week lunch. When I asked what was new over at his shop, he had an interesting tidbit. Clients are allocating dollars into designated Web 2.0 budgets.

Now, plenty of marketers have “experimental” budget, money put aside specifically to experiment with new Web technologies and marketing techniques. So I asked Cam if that wasn’t perhaps what he was referring to.

Web 2.0 is different, he explained. These really are Web 2.0 budgets, dedicated to mareting on patforms such as Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube, in allocations of up to $200,000 per quarter. The experimental budgets are flowing into things that are, well, experimental but not Web 2.0. Mobile, for example.

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