Dos and Don’ts of Email Remarketing

Too often, busy digital marketers send a one-size-fits-all campaign and move onto the next one. Any kind of segmentation is often going to drive more impressive results. In fact, 76 percent of email revenue came from segmented emails in 2013, up from 55 percent in 2012, according to the “DMA National Client Email Survey 2014.”

Marketers take heed – the plethora of email metrics from each campaign result in some bountiful follow-up options. I made a list for those rolling out some smart, metrics-driven, and behavioral-focused efforts.



  • Use metrics to build different paths based on their actions.
  • Have a well-defined strategy of how, what, why, and when you will remarket. The planning will make or make the success not the execution. 
  • Sweeten the deal to those who clicked but didn’t buy.
  • Do incorporate other marketing channels. I know it may seem shocking, but email works really well when connected to telemarketing and direct marketing efforts. Think phone call/direct mail as precursor or subsequent touch as the email. 
  • Experiment on subject lines that drive interest (and opens) to those that did not open or click. 
  • Provide extra attention and/or some VIP type offer to the best leads. That is what sales professionals do and email marketers should mirror them – because it works. 
  • Automate much of the campaign pathing (example below of how BrightWave created and executed behavioral campaign path).


  • Do track your ROI for all campaign elements. BrightWave has seen staggering ROI. For one international client, we saw a 3,886% return on investment. 


  • Send the exact same email campaign a few days later to your entire list or even non-responders.
  • Plan the efforts in a silo. Bring key digital stakeholders to plot how to best get the sale, regardless of channel. 
  • Don’t skimp on killer creative and content and make sure it is compelling on mobile. 
  • Don’t forget to test some of the seemingly minor things that could move the needle like call to action wording, pre-header.
  • Don’t forget to leverage technology outside of the email channel – especially retargeting – which can potentially keep the engagement going after the email. 
  • Don’t forget to deliver awesomeness to the inbox in some shape or form. Looking for inspiration? Click here.

This strategic use of existing metrics and subscriber behavior is a low-hanging fruit – and one many marketers don’t leverage. Try it – the return on investment (ROI) may be waiting for you.

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