Double Fusion Picks Up a Double from Enlight

Double Fusion will represent ads in two Enlight video game titles, including “Bad Day L.A.” from American McGee. released earlier this week. The second title, “Hotel Empire,” is due out next year.

“Bad Day L.A.” is set in a Los Angeles that’s under attack from zombies, terrorists, earthquakes and other disasters. It’s a notable win for the ad network, though the horror-and-violence storyline may be a deterrent to some advertisers.

“We found it’s most interesting to brands that target urban culture and the consumers of it, which range from fashion brands to certain energy drinks,” said Jonathan Epstein, CEO of Double Fusion. “It is a humorous title. Some brands have found it to be quite enjoyable.” For others, he said, Double Fusion recommends buying media in other titles in its network.

The deal has a circularity to it. American McGee, the game’s designer, is affiliated with a company, called Vykarian, which recently entered an agreement to provide 3D modeling for dynamic product integration for Double Fusion.

Epstein called the American McGee connection coincidental, and said the Enlight titles will not utilize Vykarian’s services to model ad units.

“Hotel Empire,” due out next year, may have broader appeal for advertisers, particularly those sensitive to the events and actions within a game. “But those that like ‘Bad Day L.A.’ really like ‘Bad Day L.A.'” said Epstein.

The deal also comes a few days after Enlight signed with Exent to provide in-game advertising in existing games.

“The deal they announced last week was for catalog titles,” said Epstein. “That deal made perfect sense to me for Enlight. When they looked for the best way to put ads in a new title and get them sold, we were the natural partner.”

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