DoubleClick Adds Bandwidth Targeting

DoubleClick just expanded the range of the IP-based targeting capabilities it offers through an existing partnership with Digital Envoy. Advertisers can now target based on bandwidth or on Nielsen’s Designated Market Areas (DMA), geographic regions originally intended to define TV markets.

Bandwidth targeting supports rich media campaigns by identifying the individuals who can best handle their large file sizes. Digital Envoy can identify multiple connection types, including dial-up, DSL, cable, “broadband generic” and “T-1 or higher.”

“Bandwidth targeting can improve the effectiveness of rich media and video campaigns by delivering them to browsers best equipped to handle large files,” said Doug Knopper, DoubleClick’s senior VP and general manager of ad management.

Targeting by IP address has its flaws, however. An IP isn’t necessarily an accurate indicator of location. All AOL users appear to come from one IP address in Virginia, for example.

DoubleClick already offered geo-targeting by country, postal code, area code and other factors through the Digital Envoy relationship, announced in March 2004.

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