DoubleClick and Visible World Partner for Highly-Targeted Video Ads

Pairing a history of geographically-targeted ads with an expertise in rich media ad delivery and reporting, DoubleClick and Visible World will combine their platforms to deliver highly-targeted online video advertising to their clients.

The deal links DoubleClick’s DART ad management platform and rich media and video technology with Visible World’s intelliSpot system, which has primarily been used to advertise on cable channels. Users of the premium service will be able to create online video and rich media campaigns managed through the DART system, yet be altered by the intelliSpot technology based on the viewer’s geographic location, to provide specialized content.

“We deliver the granular targeting of the creative message of Visible World through the DoubleClick network, but it simplifies the ad trafficking solution by saying here is a simple DART tag and behind it can be thousands of creative solutions,” said Andy Sheldon, vice president of broadband and wireless at Visible World. “Historically, if you wanted to traffic three different creative treatments for the same ad, you would have to come up with three tags. That’s not only difficult on the part of the creative folks and the ad trafficking people, but on the part of the publisher as well.”

The combination will allow large national advertisers, like the new venture’s first official customer, Lenovo, to create a national campaign and then apply specific messages for viewers of the ads based on whether they are in San Francisco, New York, or some other location, said Ari Paparo, vice president rich media for DoubleClick.

“The Lenovo campaign is offer-driven. They have in excess of 1,000 offers of price, models, and laptops. They are using the geography of the user and additional information about the campaigns to change what offers are available to the consumer after the main video message is shown,” Paparo said. “The sweet spot for this product isn’t necessarily the small advertiser so much as it is the large advertiser that wants to customize locally.”

As a combined service, DoubleClick and Visible World will have access to one another’s client base, and both company’s logos will be attached to the technology, but campaigns will be managed through the DoubleClick system.

Visible World has long been a provider of cable television advertising delivered on a geographically-targeted basis. It’s been a busy year of partnerships for Visible World since it made its initial foray into online video advertising earlier this year. In May, the company partnered with Tremor Media to take its system into the broadband arena, which it followed up with a partnership with automated content and copyright management and licensing company ImageSpan.

“Historically we’ve been focused on TV and launched our broadband product two months ago, and this is a significant advancement beyond that,” Sheldon said. “The reason why we’re extending this into broadband is that our advertisers are becoming more sophisticated about cross-media marketing. They are reaching out across multiple media with multiple messages. The ability of those advertisers to manage a campaign across a single dashboard is a significant step forward.”

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