DoubleClick DARTmail

DARTmail provides control and flexibility with regard to email campaigns, enabling you to target your customers better, save time and money setting up campaigns, collect and measure detailed customer response data, and turn information into wisdom — wisdom that leads to more meaningful customer relationships and improved return on investment.

DARTmail allows you to:

  • Build a rich consent-based email database
  • Segment your customer base with profile data for targeting

  • Manage and maintain databases (subscribes, unsubscribes, bounce-backs, etc.)

  • Create targeted, personalized email campaigns

  • Ensure campaign effectiveness with pre-testing capabilities

  • Manage delivery of multiple email messages

  • Serve dynamically targeted ads into text, HTML, and AOL email

  • Measure and track campaign results through in-depth, real-time reporting

As an outsourced (ASP) solution, DARTmail provides all the hardware, maintenance,and infrastructure support so you don’t have to worry about buying, managing,and upgrading these resources.

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