DoubleClick eMail

DoubleClick eMail is a suite of email marketing products that provide a powerful, integrated solution to meet the challenge all online marketers and advertisers face – developing profitable lifetime customer relationships.

DoubleClick eMail Technology Solutions

It’s time to consider a new direct marketing weapon. Personalized email marketing through DoubleClick. It goes beyond traditional direct marketing. Real-time tracking and drill-down campaign analysis. In short, it’s not about delivering email. It’s about delivering the reports that help you increase the lifetime value of your online customers.

DoubleClick provides consent-based email technology solutions for some of the world’s leading organizations. From data segmentation, personalization and high-volume deployment to detailed tracking and analysis, we deliver more than just email. We deliver measurable results.

Our technology tools significantly enhance your customer retention and relationship strategies allowing for more effective, highly targeted communications with customers.

DoubleClick eMail List Services

DoubleClick eMail List Services meet the needs of both list renters and list owners. DoubleClick List Management Services leverages our expertise in helping clients grow revenue by providing the ideal platform from which to build and monetize a database of current customers. DoubleClick List Rental Services helps advertisers grow their customer base by offering both access to and in depth knowledge of Lists that best match their target customer base.

DoubleClick eMail products combine innovative, leading edge technology along with DoubleClick’s online and direct marketing expertise to deliver marketing solutions that are:


…and, provide real time results and reports that enable continuous optimization of marketing efforts.

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