DoubleClick Embraces Transactional Banners

Adgregate Markets’ ShopAds transactional ad technology is being made available to customers of Google’s DoubleClick division.

Adgregate Markets CEO Henry Wong said Adgregate’s ShopAds technology is the first certified transactional online ad technology tested and proven to work with DoubleClick Rich Media. DoubleClick has agreed to offer it to display advertisers.

ShopAds will allow companies using DoubleClick for banner ad campaigns to integrate e-commerce transaction capability into the ads.

Adgregate Markets, which only introduced its product last year, stands to benefit greatly from the partnership. “It’s really about having the DoubleClick sales team and their feet-on-the-street pushing our technology and product in this partnership,” said Wong.

Wong said Adgregate’s own ad network of 500-plus advertisers and publishers, which the company has been building organically, now has about 40 million visitors and gets about 12 million uniques monthly. He said there are about a million ShopAds embedded across the Web.

Wong would not reveal the names of any advertisers planning to run ShopAds through DoubleClick, explaining, “We’re still under pretty tight NDAs with them.”

Partnering with DoubleClick “certainly means we have an eye toward scaling up and growing the organization to support a large player like Google,” Wong said. “IT will mean we’ll need some more feet on the street and account managers to help with the new business.”

He also noted that Adgegate is not resting just because it scored the Google/DoubleClick deal. “We’ve been in discussion with many large ad networks,” Wong said. “This is just one of many new deals we are going to be announcing in the next few days.”

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