DoubleClick Green with BP Envy?

doubleclick_newlogo.jpgSure, plenty of people consider online advertising to be a scourge on the Web’s environment*, but is it really necessary for DoubleClick to put on this green façade with its re-branding campaign? On first glance at the new logo, all I could think of was the BP logo.

As you’ll recall, the oil behemoth assumed the verdant position a few years back to escape its big, mean oil corporation image.

DoubleClick just launched its “Nerve Center” campaign, part of its “corporate re-branding exercise,” as covered in BrandWeek. The
site, built by AKQA. The logo comes from Ogilvy. Apparently the campaign has been gestating for more than nine months, and has little if anything to do with the Google acquisition.

Why green? DoubleClick CEO David Rosenblatt answers his own question in a video on the site. DoubleClick, he says, is “a different company today than it was a year or two years ago.” Also, he adds, green “represents springtime, obviously, growth, potential, freshness, originality and creativity.”

Well, as for the originality and creativity part…maybe not quite as much.

*Oh, and just to make clear, we here at ClickZ think nothing of the sort….

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