DoubleClick Releases Video Ad Server

At the Ad:Tech conference in New York today, advertising services and technology vendor DoubleClick is expected to announce the latest addition to its DART for Publishers with DART Motif for In-Stream, for managing video ad serving.

Intended to allow publishers and advertisers to capitalize on the growth of Internet-based video advertising, DART Motif for In-Stream provides several pre-roll effects that can be added to video, as well as a variety of metrics that can be gathered after publication.

Publishers will be able to add interactive elements to video, such as polls, games or bugs layered on top of video. They will also be able to create “roadblocks” of images that appear when the video is playing. After publishing, the system will also provide a greater degree of metrics than standard clicks and views, according to Ari Paparo, VP of rich media for DoubleClick.

“For normal ads you have impressions and clicks, but with In-Stream ads, you have impressions and clicks, but also midpoints, completes, average view times, the number of mutes, pauses and full stream views,” Paparo said. “All of that data is directly integrated into the same reports you are offering your advertisers.”

In what’s certainly an attempt to make traditional television media buyers more comfortable with Internet video advertising, DoubleClick has also included support for the standard Ad-ID codes, developed by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA).

“It’s used very extensively in the television business and we’ve incorporated this code into our system,” said Paparo, who stresses that the ability to provide trusted and familiar metrics to media buyers will increase the adoption rate of Internet video advertising.

“Metrics are boring, but they are really important,” he said. “Video is now in the core, it’s now being brought into the mainstream of the online advertising business. The industry will move forward through more trusted metrics. 2006 was the build out year, and 2007 is going to be the year it becomes a big business.”

DoubleClick competitor Atlas last week unveiled its video ad server, Atlas In-Stream Video .

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