DoubleClickers Sow-er Over Facebook Ad

This little piggy got acquired? We may never know who’s behind a goofy yet somewhat mean spirited message sent to all DoubleClick employees on Facebook today. Some think it’s a Googler who had his or her finger on the ad trigger.

“Hi DoubleClick. Please stop gorging yourselves on all our food,” reads the ad message, accompanied by a cartoon image of a slovenly piggy. It ends, “Maybe we won’t fire you. Thanks.” Ouch. The ad may be a reference to the integration of the two firms, particularly at Google’s famed cafeterias in NY and CA. When a DoubleClicker grabs the last almond crusted pork tenderloin, don’t expect a Googler to be happy about it.

No matter who the culprit is, the ad evidently has ruffled the feathers — or perhaps crisped the skin — of a few DoubleClick staffers.


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