Drive Company Page Engagement with Best in Class Brand Examples & Tips from LinkedIn

jasmine-sandler-companyEarlier this week, LinkedIn announced the official winners of the best of LinkedIn Company Pages for 2013 (see winners below). The winners are certainly all big brand names you have heard of – you may have used their products or services and perhaps a few of you are even employed with these social standouts.

It begs the question, though: how can you, as a marketer or owner of perhaps a small or mid-sized company, gain the hundreds of thousands of followers that the big boys of LinkedIn (Company Pages) have garnered?

Fenot Tekle, corporate communications director at LinkedIn, was kind enough to answer a few questions for me, to help you make the most of your Company Page.

First, you need a strategy for your Linkedin Company Page. I suggest you answer these questions to start planning for a strong and engaging page:

  1. What is my company mission and benefit to my target audience? This will help you craft your LinkedIn Company Page About Us page.
  2. What image truly supports my brand? This will help you to design your LinkedIn Company Page main banner.
  3. What products and services do I want to feature? This will help you to determine your service buckets and images.
  4. What are the most in demand and hottest products and services my company provides? This will help you to determine a possible LinkedIn Showcase Page. (LinkedIn Showcase pages are pages under your Linkedin Company Page that feature a specific brand, giving it its own home so you can highly target users around this product or service.)
  5. How am I currently marketing my LinkedIn presence? This will help you to understand what places you can use off LinkedIn to capture new LinkedIn Company Page followers.

Next, I highly recommend that you think of your LinkedIn Company page as a part of your Content Marketing Program arsenal. The LinkedIn Company Page and Showcase Pages can be used to drive small bites of content as part of your current content marketing program, thus reaching and engaging with target followers – those within your LinkedIn Groups and in your LinkedIn network.

Finally, there are multiple opportunities for you to promote your LinkedIn Company Page and Showcase page status updates as ads. You can promote your LinkedIn Company page throughout the LinkedIn Public audience, share with Twitter and to specific LinkedIn Groups and Members.

Now, check out what LinkedIn’s Tekle had to say about Company Pages:

JS: How were the initial LinkedIn Company Pages that were featured (ie.: Hubspot) chosen?

LinkedIn: Through a blog post we posted on 12/3, we asked our members to nominate companies that demonstrated the best in what LinkedIn Company Pages can offer. We collected nominations through Twitter using the hashtag #bestofCP and arrived at the winners, seen here:

JS: What is the main purpose for a company to have a LinkedIn Company Page?

LinkedIn: We see our Company Pages as the primary place for brands to build a presence on LinkedIn. It is a great place to build a community and share engaging content.

JS: How can small businesses benefit from having LinkedIn Showcase pages?

LinkedIn: Showcase Pages allow members to hear directly from brands of interest without having to sift through general updates sent from the brand’s parent company. The content they will receive will be highly targeted and more relevant.

JS: How can companies promote their LinkedIn Company pages to targeted users on LinkedIn in an effective way?

LinkedIn: There are a number of ways that businesses can reach new audiences using LinkedIn, both in organic ways and with more targeted marketing campaigns. Once you have a Company Page, you can connect with existing Groups and members who may be interested in your business. There are also paid offerings that companies can purchase to further promote their offerings. Specifically, companies can purchase Follower Ads to accelerate the growth of their follower base, and Sponsored Updates to more effectively distribute their page content. The LinkedIn Ads platform gives you the ability to deliver information to a select audience of your choice based on demographics, job title, or job function, ensuring that your message reaches those who will be most interested and receptive.

JS: Should LinkedIn Company Pages and Showcase Pages status updates be treated like a blog? Why or Why not?

LinkedIn: No, we recommend that Company Page updates be treated as snack-able content. This means, they should be short and to the point, with links to additional content, which can be a blog post, video, articles or SlideShare.

You now should be well on your way to understanding how to drive engagement on your LinkedIn Company Page. I personally would like to applaud the winners of the LinkedIn 2013 Company Page contest (my vote was for Adobe).

Now it’s your turn to crank up your LinkedIn Company presence and aim to be the 2014 winner. I’d love to hear your questions or comments below!

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