Dumb Question Lunch Hour

Welcome to this week’s Dumb Question Lunch Hour everybody. I’m so glad to see so many people here and I’m delighted by the feedback we’ve gotten and the fact that you don’t mind brown-bagging it.

question-shutterstock-89166664For those of you who are here for the first time, allow me to explain…

We are all so highly educated and experienced and informed that it’s a little frightening. In one generation, we’ve gone from IT people who only needed to know a couple of operating systems and marketing people who only needed to know a few communication channels to IT professionals who need to understand the Customer Journey and Life Time Value and to marketing professionals who need to understand proxy servers and sentiment analysis and engage meaningfully in conversations about near field communication protocol stacks.

In the process, we’ve gotten so smart about our little areas of knowledge that it has become impossible to know enough about everything to be effective.

Therefore, we started the Dumb Question Lunch Hour to help each other get a glimmer of insight about how the other half works.

The format is simple. I have a half a dozen questions here that were submitted anonymously in advance. You may have seen the form on my intranet page that looks like an old suggestion box. This is where you can submit your dumb questions anonymously in case you feel uncomfortable about broadcasting your ignorance.

We have several people here today who are going to tackle those questions with brief, high-level explanations and then we open the floor to Q&A. Just text your questions to me directly and I will maintain your anonymity, or use the good old-fashioned hand-in-the-air trick and I’ll call on you to ask your question, congratulating you for displaying your willingness to learn more.

Our first three questions are as follows:

  • We want to know how each individual is interacting with us on our website, on social media, on mobile, in the store, etc. Why is it so hard to link together an individual’s behavior across all of our touchpoints?

Brad from our Business Intelligence and Analytics Center of Excellence will tackle that one. Then, Susan, one of our senior brand management specialists, will address:

  • What’s the difference between awareness, affinity, and engagement and how do the metrics for these things impact business decisions?

This will be followed by a question for Tina from our Web Infrastructure Administration group:

  • What is tag management, are we using it here, and how to I make sure the info I want collected gets captured?

Other questions today are about privacy, data governance, and competitive analysis.

Remember: The dumbest question is the one you didn’t ask.

Thanks for coming.

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