E-Commerce Meets Hashtags With Chirpify’s #Actiontags

chirpify-tv-2Chirpify, which says it activates hashtags to connect consumers with brands, has introduced what it calls #Actiontags for TV.

According to Chirpify, its #Actiontag platform allows consumers to respond, opt-in, and buy with social posts wherever they find brand messaging, including TV, print, in-venue, and online. Chirpify added #Actiontags in September 2013.

As the name implies, #Actiontags for TV enable consumers to post to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the so-called “activated hashtags” that they see on the television. They can do this to purchase products or otherwise respond to campaigns, such as seek early access to products and free samples, enter promotions, or access premium content.

In addition, Chirpify says that from November to January, more than 300,000 consumers used #Actiontags from brands such as Adidas, AT&T, Forever 21, Lenovo, Sprint, and TaylorMade.

Several Chirpify clients have used #Actiontags in TV advertising, although chief revenue officer Kevin Tate says he cannot share campaign specifics.
“[Consumers] use the tags to say, ‘This is what we want,’ and Chirpify writes back to them to say, ‘Here’s how to get it,'” Tate says.

In other words, consumers who add the hashtag #testdrive in addition to the hashtag featured in a new car ad could be contacted to schedule a test drive time.

When a brand uses a hashtag in its marketing across TV, Web, and social, it “can’t do anything with that hashtag other than type it in and try to see what people say about it,” Tate says.

However, when adding an additional tag like #want, #buy, or #sneakpeek, Chirpify “[listens] for the combination of tags,” he says. “You can say #NewAdidasShoe all day long, but if you say #buy #NewAdidasShoe, we respond right back with, ‘Click here,’ and collect information to buy it.”

Chirpify says #Actiontags for TV create new conversion and purchase opportunities from brand advertising.

Or, as Tate puts it, #Actiontags for TV are an “empowering way to give customers direct access to products.”

And per data from an initial trial period in the fall, Chirpify says it is “regularly” seeing 65 percent of consumers who use #Actiontags go on to complete the conversion actions.

According to Chirpify, one recent campaign used #Actiontags in a primetime TV commercial, which gave customers first access to a new product. It resulted in up to 5,000 tweets per hour for the #Actiontag and became “a nationally trending Twitter topic.

In addition, Chirpify says #Actiontags accelerate earned media and followers, driving 50 million earned media impressions and reaching more than 25 million social accounts in 90 days. During one campaign, Chirpify says a brand added 20,000 Twitter followers in less than a week.

And, perhaps not surprisingly, Chirpify says consumers are using their mobile phones and tablets to respond to #Actiontags, with more than 60 percent of #Actiontag responses coming from mobile devices, including 65 percent from iOS devices and 34 percent from Android.

“We’re learning what it’s like to give customers the ability to respond using social to traditional advertising or TV advertising and how they choose to do it and what it’s like for the brand,” Tate says.

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