E-Mail Marketing in a Box

Jeanne J.jpgIn a box may be oversimplifying, but is a sense, that’s what The E-Mail Marketing Kit is.

ClickZ’s e-mail columnist extraordinaire, Jeanne Jennings, has just published this indispensable guide for e-mail marketers. It exhaustively covers every single step of the e-mail process, from developing strategy to getting messages into inboxes and complying with spam legislation.

The fact that the “book” is printed in the format of a tabbed binder makes everything you need to find almost ridiculously easily accessible. In an instant, it guides you through every e-mail related task on the table, from securing budget (“Why e-mail?) to tracking, reporting, list rental, design, and delivery.

The real value-add to this highly informational volume is a template-packed companion CD-ROM that will speed marketers through tedious processes such as creating RFPs, vetting and comparing ESPs, proofing, cost analysis, even templates for both marketing and newsletter e-mail messages.

If you’re involved in e-mail marketing, you probably need this book.

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