Easy Send to Mobile Video App

mywaves snd2mbl.JPG
The nascent mobile content space is still determining what shape to take, but many in the industry agree content can’t be ported from the Web, but must be made to suite the mobile experience. But there are ways of making the Internet at large more suited for the mini screen. Video, for example, has taken off in popularity through sites like YouTube, and now networks are finding ways to monetize programming on the Web. Is video suited for mobile? “YouTube lends itself to mobile consumption,” said Jeff Lanctot, SVP and global media lead for Avenue A/Razorfish, in a meeting a few weeks ago. He referred to the snippets and snacking format the short video clips provide.

Enter mywaves, a mobile application that lets users create channels using a Web interface, then pick up the feeds on their mobile phones. It’s carrier agnostic, and free to users. The service has gained word-of-mouth notoriety, and today launched SND2MBL, or send-to-mobile, a Web-to-mobile video marketing offering. Content owners can embed a bit of code on their site to let users send the video on the site to their mobile phones. SND2MBL is free to content owners, if they accept advertising on the mobile feed. Currently advertising is not enabled, but is expected to be enabled shortly. You can check out SND2MBL in action at DJ Skee‘s site.

Mywaves is also offering an advanced, premium version in lieu of serving ads against the content. The premium version also offers comprehensive audience measurement to let marketers know who is watching, how often a video is forwarded to someone else via mobile “send-to-a-friend” and analysis on audience and reach.

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