Edge Shave Gel Revives Irritation Solutions

edge-shave-gelBad day at work? Annoyed with your spouse? Burned your supper? Don’t fret: Edge Shave Gel, which says it “pioneered irritation relief with a collection of moisturizing and protecting shave gels,” has renewed Edge Irritation Solutions, a campaign that it says is designed to relieve irritations for men on Twitter.

Starting August 26, Edge is using @EdgeShaveZone to monitor Twitter for irritated users and offer prizes. The campaign will run until October 11.

Since the campaign originally launched in 2010, the brand says it has reevaluated what is irritating men.

What’s more, Edge says this time around it will “leverage the latest social technology to rebuild the campaign better, stronger, faster and with much more data.” In other words, Edge is using social media analysis and analytics firm Crimson Hexagon‘s big data analysis platform to analyze tweets so it can identify trending sources of irritation and offer solutions in real time.

“We start by detecting a trending source of irritation on Twitter. From there, the brand team will work with a copywriter and community manager to identify the best way to solve this irritation in the brand’s signature style,” says Jeffrey Wolf, senior brand manager at Energizer Personal Care. “Once the tweet has been published, we then utilize Twitter’s latest targeting capabilities to amplify these tweets exclusively to users who are actively participating in these trending conversations.”

According to Wolf, the process can take as little as an hour.

“The result is an entire social media advertising campaign that’s extremely real-time, contextual and data-driven,” he adds.

That includes a Twitter user who was irritated by the Time Warner Cable blackout of CBS that caused him to miss a pre-season football game. He received free tickets to see the next 49ers game live.

It also includes the Twitter community after singer Miley Cyrus’ performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards. Edge offered complaining Twitter users an opportunity to win DVR service “so they could avoid the next irritating TV disaster,” Wolf says.

In addition to Twitter, the brand says it will relieve irritations on Instagram as well as the outdoors, but it does not specify how it will do so.

The brand also doesn’t have a set number of relief measures in mind – it will vary based on consumer participation, Wolf says.

“A big component of this campaign involves reaching out to individual users directly to personally solve their specific irritations,” Wolf says. “The beauty is that users don’t see it coming so it becomes an entire experience when a consumer takes to Twitter to complain about something and then the brand hijacks the conversation with an incredible solution.”

According to the brand, the Edge Irritation Solutions campaign initially resonated with Twitter users “by providing clever, real-time irritation relief to people venting their frustrations online.”

Wolf says the initial campaign was a “huge success,” resulting in growth of its Twitter fan base by 2,000 percent.

As of September 5, Edge has 22,000 Twitter followers and 148,000 Facebook fans.

A press release says the initiative is for men, but Wolf says the brand encourages men and women to share their irritations with the hashtag #SoIrritating.

In addition to Crimson Hexagon data analysis, Edge says it is using the results of the latest Edge Anti-Irritation Index Most Irritating Cities for Guys study, a study of geographical influences on irritation that evaluated the 50 most populous U.S. cities for 10 different “irritation factors,” including: a high male-to-female ratio, poor sports team performance and high ticket prices, slow traffic, lack of job availability, unaffordable housing, extreme weather, and lack of nightlife and fitness options.

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