Eight best things we found on the internet this week

If you live in the United Kingdom you’ll either be waking up to either good news or bad news. For the sake of impartiality I won’t say how I’m feeling right now.

Actually I’m not sure if we, as a humble digital marketing news site, have to stick to any bipartisan remit when it comes to political opinion. Perhaps it’s best if I remain impartial in this matter.

So with that, I now have the unenviable task of trying to fight through the horrified reactions of a divided country to try and bring you the very best and funniest the internet had to offer this week.

This is going to be an uphill struggle… Why did I decide to bring this back today? For goodness sake what have we done…

Japan has a Mascot School!

We should all just move to Japan and enrol together. Then we can climb inside a big warm, furry costume and stay safe in a place where nobody can see the tears streaming down our faces, as the smiling children, captivated by our joyful antics, remain innocent of the hurt and turmoil currently happening in the country we once happily called home.

Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter were on the cover of a Serbian biology textbook

World’s greatest living actor/walking meme Nicholas Cage, along with Raising Arizona co-star Holly Hunter, were on the cover of a Serbian biology textbook between the years 1993 to 2001…

nicholas cage

They look happy don’t they? I know it’s a still from a movie, and that gigantic baby is a child-actor and not really their actual offspring, but it’s still warming to see the optimism in their eyes, especially when the world around them is crumbl… oh my god, keep it together, must be strong… let’s move on…

Why not make your own fake parking space?

Captured by another driver’s dashcam is this footage of a Chinese woman who seems to have made her very own portable parking space, which enables her to park wherever she wants. A chilling reminder of the selfish behaviour that we all may have to resort to in the new self-interested, inconsiderate world order.

Click here for the video.

portable parking space

If Pixar movies ended directly after the sad bit

Oh god what am I even doing? Why did I think this was a good idea? I could have just written a post on ‘what digital marketers need to know about Snapchat’ but instead I’m sat here watching Sully from Monsters Inc crying his eyes out. This can’t be good for me.

Doom: Seinfeld edition

It’s the insanely popular and insanely violent first-person-shooter Doom, but situated entirely in a 16-bit rendering of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment…

I used to play Doom as a younger teenager. Back when I had dreams.

There’s an app that sends your enemies Game of Thrones spoilers

For less than one dollar, Spoiled.io will anonymously text spoilers to anybody you feel deserves to have what little enjoyment left in their lives removed now that unrepentant misanthropy is unleashed upon the world and there’s no going back from the brink and those emotions you felt during Hodor’s final moments were the last time you’ll ever feel anything real ever again.

game of thrones spoiler app

The Notorious B.A.R.N.

Here’s Barney the Dinosaur singing along with Biggie Smalls’ ‘Big Poppa’. Normally this sort of puppet/gangsta-rap mash-up is all I need to cheer me up and exactly the kind of thing I would share on Twitter and say “ha mega lolz” but now I just share depressing graphs from the Financial Times about voter turn-out and discrepancies in voter age groups. Sigh.

Not for the easily offended btw…

Hang on a minute!

I just got an email from Ryanair, apparently we were wrong and everything is absolutely fine!

ryanair app

I don’t know what I was so worried about.

*whistles the tune of “I love it when you call me big poppa” closes laptop, never looks at the internet again*

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