Election ’06 Recap

Well, like past election seasons, this one wasn’t exactly a banner year for online advertising. Still, we saw far more campaigns from small local candidates, more integration of paid search, and the impact of user-generated content on campaigns (Ned Lamont’s bid for Connecticut Senator and George Allen’s campaign to keep his Senatorial seat in Virginia were especially noteworthy). Now that the political season is officially over, it’s time for a recap of all the political stories featured on ClickZ News over the past few months leading up to the election.

If I were to choose any story or blog post I think is most intriguing, I think it’d have to be a post from just before the election on Using Voter Data to Target Web Ads. As the privacy implications of data aggregation loom larger, this is one ad practice to watch. It’s just too bad it’s so tough to get anyone to talk about it. But that makes it all the more intriguing….

ClickZ News Stories:
Political Campaigns and Nonprofits Sort Out CGM, June 19, 2006

Nonprofit Takes Congressional Scorecard Nationwide through Search, June 20, 2006

PointRoll and Others Reach Out to Undecided Political Market , June 29, 2006

Political Consultants More Likely to Spend Online, August 22, 2006

New Townhall.com Takes Talk Radio to the Netroots, July 5, 2006

Tight Race Republicans Target Voters Online, August 29, 2006

Early Online Political Ads Not Just for Raising Cash, September 11, 2006

Gubernatorial Candidates Get in Web State of Mind, October 9, 2006

Parties Whack Senate Race Opponents with Negative Sites, October 25, 2006

YouthNoise Gets out Young Vote with Ads, New Mobile Video Service, October 26, 2006

Progressive Group Deploys Web Video and Mobile Student Debt Effort, October 31, 2006

Political Pre-Roll Lags Despite Online Video Hype, November 2, 2006

Online Political Ad Spending Down from ’04 National Election, November 6, 2006

ClickZ News Blog Posts:
Political Advertisers Oughtta Be Committed

YouTube’s Still Got Political Video Upperhand

Candidate Sites Matter in Tight VA Senate Race

Web Ads Support Smokers Rights in Arizona

MySpace/YouTube Effect on NJ Races

Stupid Monkeys and More Fun with Political Search Ads

Social Sites Better for Dems?

More Libs Online, Less Scandal Influence

Blind Item: Campaign Kills Consulting Account after Ad Vendor Mishap

More Republicans Online Than Dems

Using Voter Data to Target Web Ads

Heard on the (K) Street

High Election Night Traffic onTV Station Sites

I expect political candidates, especially presidential ones with national campaigns and savvy staffers to do a lot more spending on online ads leading up to the ’08 election.

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