Electronic Frontier Foundation Backs McCain on YouTube

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is backing John McCain’s campaign in its request that YouTube stop taking down some of McCain’s videos based on “meritless copyright claims.” The EFF sent letters to four TV networks as well as YouTube. The group wants the networks, CBS, the Christian Broadcasting Network, Fox, and NBC, to quit asking YouTube to remove election-related videos featuring clips of its broadcasts.

In its letter to YouTube, the organization asked that counter-notices protesting copyright takedowns “should be immediately reviewed by YouTube staff, and the video immediately restored if it is a clear case of fair use.” EFF also suggested, “once a user has already provided a valid counter-notice, then YouTube should also review any further takedown notice issued to any video posted to the account.”

In its reply to the McCain campaign, YouTube already pretty clearly said it would not give preferential treatment to any one category of videos. I wouldn’t expect them to change their minds on this one anytime soon, even considering the closeness of the election.

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