eList eXpress

eList eXpress offers mailing list management, personal email forwarding, and email relaying services.

List Management

eList eXpress offers professional mailing list (e-list) hosting and management services to individuals and organizations through a point-and-click Web interface. E-list owners can get functionality without technical details.

Features include:

  • Processing of all failed mail

  • Processing of all subscribe and unsubscribe requests

  • Email-based help desk for you and your subscribers

  • Virus and spam filtering

  • Web-based and bulk archives with keyword searching

Personal Email Forwarding

Individuals can use an email forwarding service controlled by them with a point-and-click Web interface. Virus scanning and other filtering and screening options ensure safe, reliable, and robust email delivery.

Features include:

  • Unlimited, permanent email addresses, each of which can be forwarded to one or more real email mailboxes

  • Screening and filtering of email, including virus scanning, on a per-email-address basis

  • Guaranteed email delivery; email is automatically archived if it can not be forwarded to a real email mailbox

Email Relaying

eList eXpress offers email relay services for the principal purpose of protecting organizations from unsafe email.

Features include:

  • Virus scanning of all email

  • Arbitrary content conversions and restrictions

  • Reliability and service

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