Email Transmit

Email Transmit has been an ESP for several years and worked with such clients as Heineken USA, Maytag, CNA Insurance, and many other notable brands. It has experience working with companies just getting started in email marketing, as well as experienced marketers switching to a more advanced, reliable solution. It works only with legitimate, permission-based marketers. It adheres strictly to all legal requirements, including CAN-SPAM, and encourages its users to follow marketing best practices.

Features include:

  • Create Web-based forms for your site that collect opt-in data and submit it automatically to your Email Transmit account.
  • Import lists from any database, Excel spreadsheet, Palm address book, or many other popular data storage applications.
  • Automatically cleanse data upon import, ensuring no irregular addresses enter your account.
  • Merge and duplicate lists. When you merge, choose to keep or delete the original lists.
  • Automatically manage unsubscribe requests the moment they are made.
  • Permanent unsubscribes are placed in a blacklist, thereby ensuring those addresses are never mailed to again.
  • Manage bounces with flexible display and editing features.
  • Download data from your account in text or spreadsheet formats.

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