EmailLabs offers an email campaign management system that provides ways to gather customer data, build email newsletters, deliver them on time, and track the progress of a campaign.

In addition to email marketing services, EmailLabs provides solutions and technology needed to make an email campaign succeed. The Web-based interface allows companies to integrate their database and information with our product, without installing or managing email software on their end or requiring extensive IT resources.

Products provided by EmailLabs include:

  • Account Management allows the user to manage a mailing lists from one central location. You can alter any existing list or create a new list.
  • Demographics Management System comes with over 50 standardized fields and the ability to create unlimited new fields. Demographics can be used in a variety of ways, from building an opt-in Web form to filtering and personalizing messages.
  • Member Records provide a complete demographic and action history on members, including messages sent, opened, click-through rates, and action tracking on a database system.
  • Messages allows the user to build, personalize, and enhance a message with mail merge capabilities. A variety of methods can be used to create, including pulling from an existing Web page or using a personal template design.
  • Reports are offered to view complete statistical information on email campaigns. Individual reports include demographic breakdown and user profiles. Campaign reports include complete open rates and click-through.

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