emailROI offers a full-service email campaign management package with competitive pricing. Before a prospect or customer ever receives an email, strategic planning is conducted to ensure the message is read and understood. Strong and relevant creative is necessary to increase response rates, while a solid technology platform is required to generate meaningful data for analysis.

Strategic Planning

The campaign development process begins with a strategic planning phase to gain insight into appropriate messaging, offer, and creative treatments based on target profiles. Market research is typically involved in this phase.

Creative and Production

The next phase is to develop creative treatments and produce email messages based on existing identity and content. If existing identity or style guides are inappropriate or inadequate, emailROI can develop new creative from scratch.

Distribution and Tracking

Next, email messages are produced and uploaded into the system for distribution. The company’s tracking capabilities include the number of emails sent/received, open/read, click-throughs, bounces, unsubscribes, and forwards-to-a-friend.

Reporting and Analysis

Once a campaign is completed, a summary report will be developed, including overall results, observations, and recommendations for future communications. In most cases, this step is followed with another round of strategic planning for the next campaign.

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